October 23, 2018

Donuts Inc. launches TRAVEL.DOMAINS website for enterprises

The launch aims to enable travel organisations, enthusiasts and professionals to browse, discover and purchase travel domains from its TLD portfolio.

Donuts Inc

New TLD giant Donuts Inc. have unveiled the TRAVEL.DOMAINS website for enterprises, organizations and travel enthusiasts. With this launch, Donuts seeks to enable travel companies and industry professionals to browse, discover and purchase keyword-rich travel domains from its extensive TLD portfolio.

Donuts say that the travel industry is booming and hence they felt it was time to introduce a website providing different domains that can be relevant to businesses. They claim that global digital travel sales are expected to surpass USD 200 billion by 2019, and the contributors to this number will be large and small-scale travel agencies.

With this launch, Donuts Inc. say that using their Relevant Name Search engine (RNS), website visitors can quickly find and select their domain names from a real-time inventory. They say that the Donuts travel TLD inventory will include extensions like .TRAVEL, .VACATIONS, .TOURS, .VOYAGE, .CRUISES, .HOLIDAY, .FLIGHTS, .GUIDE, .CITY and many more.

John Pollard, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Donuts Inc., commented:

It’s never been more important for travel industry companies, regardless of size, to own their identity on the web. Our goal with this website is to showcase our outstanding domain-name portfolio to those in the travel industry, and simplify the shopping and checkout process.

The integration experience with the registrar’s shopping-cart is one we hope to replicate with every registrar, because we think it’s a win-win: registrars acquire new customers, and travel industry pros find better domain names.

Speaking about the benefits provided by the TRAVEL.DOMAINS website, Donuts claim that while checking out of the website, only a click will take users directly to the registrar’s shopping cart (in this case, to Name.com), making the entire shopping process simple, seamless and convenient. They also say that the website will have a wealth of information and case studies related to the online travel industry.

Industry analysts believe that the launch of this website became easier since Donuts relaunched the .TRAVEL domain after relaxing its registration norms. It will be interesting to see how enterprises and organizations respond to this launch with the travel industry experiencing an all-time high.