March 3, 2017

Docker launches its new Enterprise Edition platform

The company also launched Docker Community Edition for the development and operations communities

Yesterday, Docker announced its Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), a new commercial platform for enterprise development and IT operations teams that work on business-critical applications in production.

Docker says that the new platform comprises of a container runtime, with integrated & multi-tenant orchestration, security & management and gives enterprises an open container platform for simplified user experience.

Solomon Hykes, CTO, Docker said:

From the very beginning, Docker has been focused on taking very complicated tooling and software and making it intuitive and easy to use.

With EE, we’ve built on that legacy, by removing the layers of complexity and giving users a more native and tightly integrated experience.

Docker also announced that it has simplified access to the open source software through Docker Community Edition (CE). Docker CE is available for Mac and Windows, for AWS and Azure, and for CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu.

Hykes added:

Our latest set of editions make it even easier for users to get critical applications into production and only Docker provides an open solution with full stack portability across any infrastructure from one environment to another – without breaking the seamless workflow between dev and ops.

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