June 22, 2017

Costa Rica’s ccTLD operator files complaint against US government.

The .CR registry accuses American embassy staff of harassment over leaving the Pirate Bay domain unrestricted.

The Costa Rican Academy of Science, responsible for operating the .CR ccTLD, lodged an official complaint with ICAAN against the US government earlier today. The basis of their grievance stems from perceived harassment by American embassy members over The Pirate Bay domain being allowed to function in the country.

As detailed in a letter of complaint that was sent to the regional overseer at ICAAN, the US Embassy in Costa Rica “has frequently contacted the Costa Rican Academy of Science regarding the domain name thepiratebay.cr”. Furthermore, the interactions have “escalated with time.” It specifically names the embassy’s economic specialist Kevin Ludeke as being the driving force behind much of the harassment.

Author of the letter, Dr Pedro Leon Azofeifa, President of the Costa Rican Academy of Science, spoke of:

Threats to close our registry, with repeated harassment regarding our practices … and even personal negative comments directed to our executive director.

The letter mentions numerous phone calls, emails and meetings between the US embassy and the registrar to take down the domain name, even though this would go against Costa Rica’s domain name policies. It is indicative of the American government’s unhesitant approach when faced with pressure from intellectual property lawyers representing content owners in the United States.

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