September 4, 2018

Cloud security provider Brace168 partners with Bitglass for data protection

The alliance aims to provide visibility of data to customers and preventing unauthorised individuals from accessing sensitive information.

Cloud security provider

Brace168, a cloud security provider from North Sydney Australia, has partnered with Bitglass to facilitate advanced threat detection capabilities to businesses in Australia by adhering to Australia’s Mandatory Breach Notification Act. As per the terms of the alliance, the two companies will be providing data visibility to customers and preventing unauthorised individuals from accessing sensitive information.

According to Brace168, the evolving IT industry in Australia has called for more stringent ways of securing data and business workloads on the cloud. They say that access and privacy are two tenets that need to be imbibed into IT architectures while integrating them into cloud environments.

By partnering with Bitglass, Brace168 believe that they will be adding secure access and data protection capability to their product for cloud-native customers. They also add that Brace168 will be able to meet the regulations of the jurisdictions in which they operate (i.e. Australia).

Speaking about the alliance, Tony Bill, COO at Brace168, commented:

Data protection is now top of mind for most organisations in Australia due to their increased reliance on cloud-based tools. Maintaining constant visibility over your data and preventing any unauthorised individuals from accessing sensitive information is key to any security or data privacy strategy.

The cloud security provider claims that this move will help them move up in the SMB market since they were struggling to consolidate their position with respect to cloud-security services.

Many of Brace168’s clients are looking forward to this new integration that will allow them to secure data on the go. Speaking about this in detail, John Delaney, Founder and Managing Director of Multipli, a global financial service provider, commented:

As we are a global company, we also need to protect this data to meet the regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate. We entrust our security partner, Brace168, with this important function of our business because we know they will be monitoring our environments around the clock to ensure we are protected.

Industry experts opine that the cloud security industry, which is booming right now, is bound to touch USD 13 billion by 2022. They also believe that a major chunk of this market will be dominated by SMBs like Brace168 and Lacework who have just secured a USD 24 million cash infusion from Sutter Hill Ventures to automate their cloud platform.