February 18, 2019

Cisco launches its first threat-intelligence center in the APAC region

The center, aimed towards supporting Singapore’s ‘Smart Nation’ initiative, will provide support to enterprises that are focusing their efforts towards cloud-IoT.

Tech giant Cisco have launched their very first cybersecurity and threat intelligence center in Singapore. With this center, Cisco will be protecting cloud and IoT-focused enterprises from cyber risks by leveraging their cloud security prowess.

According to Cisco, the quick rate of cloud adoption in the APAC (Asia Pacific) market is acting as a key driver when it comes to an increased demand for cloud security. They say that enterprises in this region are taking a monitor-identify-qualify-and-eradicate approach instead of a monitor and eradicate approach when it comes to mitigating threats in the cloud and IoT frameworks.

By launching their very first threat intelligence center in Singapore, Cisco believe that they will boost the cybersecurity prowess of many enterprises in the APAC territory. They believe that these enterprises will benefit from their end-to-end security approach that includes qualifying the type of threat according to its nature, taking commensurate measures and finally, eradicating the risk.

Cisco say that Singapore is walking hand-in-hand with the global elites of technology by focusing on IoT and cloud technologies for ‘Smart City’ initiatives. They claim that this center is equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art infrastructure that is capable of supporting such ventures.

Market analysts approve of this threat intelligence centre and claim that Cisco’s global footprint will expand and allow them to cross-sell their container systems to cloud-native enterprises. It will be interesting to see how Cisco take this forward and how other tech giants react, following Google’s data center expansion in Singapore.