November 13, 2018

Bitdefender inks cyber security alliance with Kaseya

The alliance aims to enable MSPs to leverage Bitdefender’s endpoint agents in a bid to facilitate threat protection capabilities.

cyber security alliance

Bitdefender have entered into a strategic cyber security alliance with IT protection firm Kaseya. As per the terms of the deal, Kaseya will be able to offer a full suite of Kaseya VSA with Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs (Managed Service Providers) in order to help them protect Windows, Mac and Linux environments.

According to Bitdefender, enterprises deploying the cloud as well as on-premise environments need to secure their business-critical workloads. They say that enterprises that have networks remotely bridged to their client’s devices need to deploy end-point tactics to ensure that this data is protected from myriad attacks.

By striking a cyber security alliance with Kaseya, Bitdefender claim that they will be able to leverage their endpoint agents across enterprises, providing easy-to-deploy threat protection capabilities. They believe that Kaseya’s remote monitoring and management solutions will allow both parties to broaden their open platform of solutions and grow their partner ecosystems.

Jose Lopez, Vice President of Global Sales, Service Providers and Technology Licensing at Bitdefender, commented:

Our integration means Kaseya’s cloud and on-premises users can ensure a high level of protection without slowing performance. This solution provides a single MSP security solution for physical, virtual, and cloud workloads.

Bitdefender say that this alliance will enable MSPs to:

  1. Reduce operational costs with antimalware security, and
  2. Save time with tight integration between Bitdefender Cloud Security and Kaseya VSA managed endpoints across multiple customer sites.

Mark Shaw, CEO at StoredTech, a Bitdefender partner, commented:

Bitdefender is a premier partner of StoredTech, and this new integration with Kaseya allows us to offer an antivirus and content filtering application in one bundle.

The Bitdefender commitment to Kaseya means that we, as a master MSP, are able to offer our clients and our tenant MSPs a great product in the endpoint security space.

It will be interesting to see how Bitdefender makes the most of this alliance, following their partnership with Nutanix to fortify workload security.