August 20, 2018

Bell Techlogix launches advanced managed security services

The security services aim to provide clients with state-of-the-art technology tools, processes, and advanced data analytics to secure the modern enterprise.

IoT Security

Managed service provider Bell Techlogix have launched a suite of advanced security services for enterprise customers to protect critical IT environments and business information. With this launch, Bell Techlogix will be offering high-end technology, processes and advanced data analytics to protect enterprises from cyber attacks.

According to Bell Techlogix, cyber attacks need to be curbed and eradicated so that business information can be secured. They claim that this is possible only when there is threat identification and mitigation mechanism in place that complies with different IT environments.

Bell Techlogix believe that cybersecurity services will provide clients with the flexibility to secure operations utilizing a hybrid delivery model to extend or complement their existing security technology. They claim that by focusing on managed detection and response as well as vulnerability management, enterprises can proactively monitor and remove threats lingering inside the network.

Speaking about the launch, Marc Othersen, CISO (Chief Information and Security Officer) for Bell Techlogix, commented:

The evolution of the digital workplace is changing the way businesses are run but there can be no digital workplace without information security. Cybercriminals and other adversaries will continue to take advantage of organizations that fail to adequately secure their digital assets.

Cyber threats will evolve as technology evolves, which is why we are seeing an increased need for professional Managed Security Service providers to deliver more effective and efficient cyber security operations and threat management.