November 20, 2018

Awake Security unveil NTA solution to curb cyber risks

The launch seeks to help enterprises stop internal attacks, credential abuse and data exfiltration by leveraging network communication capabilities.

cyber risks

Awake Security have unveiled its Awake Security Platform, a Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) arrangement intended to enable enterprises to battle complex cyber risks and enhance overall visibility. The launch aims to put an end to insider attacks, credential misuse, data exfiltration and lateral movements across IT environments.

According to Awake, their NTA solution is based on 360-degree visibility and in-depth understanding of the business entities in the organization—regardless of whether those are customary IT resources, Internet of things (IoT) devices, or cloud workloads. By analysing the communication between these entities, Awake’s network detection identifies malpractices and assaults that mix with business-led activities.

This enables security teams at the enterprise to stop insider assaults, certification misuse, lateral movement and data exfiltration in the cloud.

Rahul Kashyap, CEO at Awake believes that network as a detection service is changing with the predominance of cloud, IoT and IT practices. He claims that these changes fuel the growth of network tools and curbing cyber risks becomes henceforth easier.

With the launch of this platform, Awake claim that an organization’s capacity to identify cyber risks is fortified so that they can fight back and stop viruses that attack and exploit benign tools and infrastructure. They further added that by leveraging AI, the platform provides enterprises with the knowledge and skills of the world’s most trusted cyber investigators to detect the attacker’s technique, tactic and procedure (TTP).

Eric Ogren, an analyst at 451 Research claims that they are observing a shift in the way enterprise security teams gauge cyber risks. They say that ‘bad threats’ is no longer a way to classify an attack, but understanding penetration channels and entry points have gained much more prominence in recent times.

Industry analysts claim that Awake Security’s enterprise-centric NTA approach will do cloud-native businesses a whole lot of good. It will be interesting to see the turn of events for Awake Security, following the launch of ‘Watchtower’ by RedLegg.