July 2, 2018

Australia’s .AU domain completes transition to Afilias from Neustar

The move concludes successfully by transferring 3.1 million domain names, seeking to meet the needs of Australia’s expanding digital economy,

Domain registry

Australia’s .AU ccTLD (country code Top-level domain) has completed its transition from the legacy system of Neustar to domain name registry Afilias’ new infrastructure. With this move, auDA, the domain administrator for .AU, confirmed that more than 3.1 million domain names have finished their transfer with an aim to maintain and promote the operational stability, utility and security of the domain.

According to auDA, internet penetration and the rise of businesses in Australia have been responsible for the growth of the .AU domain. They say that these events have brought forth the need to secure the domain in order to protect users from cyber risks and threats.

By transitioning to Afilias, auDA believe that the domain will have better security, abuse, spam and phishing protection. Afilias has also confirmed that the domain would have an Australian management and support team. They claim that this move will enable .AU domain to build its reputation as a secure domain with the help of Afilias’ high capacity and resilient infrastructure, state of the art technology and reduced pricing.

Speaking about this transition in detail, Cameron Boardman, CEO of auDA said:

The .au name space is essential national infrastructure. It forms the backbone of the digital economy.

The transition to Afilias’ modern registry positions .au to meet the needs of Australia’s expanding digital economy, and offers all Australians the best possible service by ensuring the reliability and security of operations as well as the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Afilias say that they are looking forward to supporting one of the world’s leading ccTLDs. Ram Mohan, Executive Vice President of Afilias, said:

Afilias is proud to support .au, one of the world’s leading ccTLDs, as it enters a new era of growth and vitality enabled by modern, high capacity, secure and resilient infrastructure.

The .au Registrars have done a wonderful job working with us on the transition, and we look forward to supporting them and the entire Australian internet community for many years to come.