April 24, 2018

Assured Communications to build USD 52M data center in Virginia

The investment seeks to lend data center support to upcoming corporates in the region by leveraging high-speed network infrastructure.

Google data center

Telecom consultants Assured Communications Advisors International (ACA International) have invested USD 52 million to build a 130,000 sq. feet data center at Virginia Beach, USA. With this data center, ACA International will provide data center services to new enterprises and also act as a focal point for future subsea telecommunication cables.

According to ACA international, Virginia Beach as a location is undergoing a huge change with respect to economic development. They also say that it has been preferred by many organizations as a hub for data center facilities.

Speaking about Virginia Beach as the choice for building the data center, Joel Ogren, President and CEO for ACA International, commented:

Virginia Beach is the new center for coastal continental edge ultra-high speed global telecommunications on the East Coast with new connectivity options being developed connecting Europe, Africa, and LATAM.

The Economic Development Department has been extremely proactive in creating the framework to take advantage of the next stage of global digital infrastructure.

ACA International say that the data center facility will meet Tier-III standards and is expected to create 35-40 jobs approx. They also say that the facility will pull some interesting customers given the reputation of Virginia Beach for data centers.

Explaining advantage provided by Virginia Beach, Warren D. Harris, Economic Development Director for Virginia Beach said:

Virginia Beach has captured the world’s attention with the fastest subsea data cables installed by Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius.

Businesses in Virginia Beach can reach customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America more quickly and efficiently than from anywhere else in the world.