July 27, 2018

Alibaba to setup DDoS attack mitigation center in Malaysia

The move aims to bolster Alibaba’s cloud footprint and cloud capacity by offering customers a high level of protection against strong DDoS attacks.

Cyber security firms

Alibaba Group’s cloud computing arm Alibaba Cloud have announced that they will be setting up an anti-DDoS center (Distributed Denial of Service) in Malaysia. With this move, Alibaba will be boosting their cloud footprint and cloud capacity to offer customers a high level of protection against DDoS attacks.

According to Alibaba, business continuity is of prime essence for enterprises since mission-critical workloads are at stake. They believe that with the increasing rate of DDoS attacks every month, enterprises have to find newer ways to deal with the same.

By launching a DDoS mitigation center in Malaysia, Alibaba say that they will be complementing their ‘Cloud Availability Zone A’ to offer more capacity, better network and higher security to cloud-native businesses. They claim that by building this resilient-cloud infrastructure, Alibaba will attract small-medium enterprises and share knowledge about using their cloud technology.

Speaking about the center, Kenny Tan, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Malaysia, commented:

The launch of our Availability Zone B and Anti-DDoS Scrubbing Centre will enable us to offer even greater security and choice for our customers. In addition to ensuring high availability and resiliency, Availability Zone B offers payment hardware security modules, elastic computing, database, networking and monitoring services.