January 1, 2019

AdGuard unveils their own Android compliant DNS service

The launch seeks to support both DNS-over-HTTPS as well as TLS and filter traffic from servers known to host ads or tracking scripts.


IT security firm AdGuard have launched their own DNS service which can work with Andrid 9 Pie. With this launch, AdGuard seeks to support DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS (Transport Layer Security) in a bid to position themselves as a system-wide DNS provider.

According to AdGuard, enterprises that use mobile applications and technology require a unique technology that can give them a unique mobile experience. One of the many things hampering this experience is the number of ads that are displayed on mobile applications.

However, AdGuard say that by launching their own DNS service, enterprise customers can block internet ads that do not require installation of any applications. They say that with this service, enterprises will be easily able to fight malicious or adult content that affects the user experience on business critical applications

Speaking about the benefits provided by the DNS service, AdGuard say that the service will allow users to

1. Block ads through the whole system– This will include video ads as well as other ads in your favourite apps, browsers, games and so on.

2. Customize filtering of the ads– In case you do not want certain ads to be filtered, it is possible with just one click.

3. Provides strict data privacy- Since the applications store business critical data, the information is protected from online trackers etc.

AdGuard claim that the DNS service will function in two modes- a) Default, where it blocks ads and 2) Family mode, where it will block adult content.

It will be interesting to see how AdGuard make the most of this launch, following Cloudflare’s launch of the DNS service.