June 18, 2018

5Nines launches Northern Ireland’s biggest data center

The launch aims to leverage government incentives and proximity with North America in a bid to entice businesses across Europe.

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Data center and co-location provider 5Nines have launched the biggest data center in Northern Ireland. The data center, which spans 45,000 sq.feet and costs approx. USD 27 million, has been built to attract businesses from Europe and make Northern Ireland a preferred destination for data center services.

According to 5Nines, Europe has reached a stage of maturity when it comes to data center services and businesses around the U.K. are keen on making the most out of this opportunity. They claim that by choosing the U.K. as a location for data centers, businesses will be able to leverage the wide network in Europe.

By launching this large data center, 5Nines claim that they will be able to meet a long list of business demands. They also say that in order to meet these demands, Northern Ireland’s government has made provisions for data center companies by giving them incentives.

Speaking about the launch, Paul Besley, General Manager at 5Nines Northern Ireland, commented:

We are the closest data center to North America and have the fastest connectivity there for any UK data center. We also have an enviable position of being a well-connected UK data center within a very short distance of Dublin and the post-Brexit EU market.

Our number one priority is the security of the data companies choose to store here. That’s why the entire center is covered by CCTV surveillance while all systems are backed up to ensure there is virtually no chance of an outage.