January 5, 2018

LayerStack launches fourth data center in Japan

The launch is aimed at providing users across the region with a unique cloud experience that will help them divide critical workloads and data.

IaaS provider LayerStack has launched its fourth data center in Tokyo, Japan in a bid to expand their APAC footprint. With this launch, Layer stack claims to be confident of covering a larger area to provide clients with a better cloud experience.

Layerstack say that they have invested large amounts of money and infrastructure into building this new data center. They further reveal that their building of another data center in Tokyo will allow for a larger coverage area that includes South Korea, Mainland China, U.S (West Coast) and Hong Kong. This larger coverage area, LayerStack say, will allow them to split important workloads and data across this region to prevent speed and latency issues.

Industry experts speculate that this region is about to witness heavy investments with cloud adaption becoming a norm among businesses. According to a report released by real estate firm JLL in 2016, the market growth for data centers in Japan is estimated to grow by 25% year-on-year. JLL further added that Japan will retain its position as a global powerhouse in the following years.Let’s hope that we witness this trend in the years to come.

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