August 24, 2016

Data center UPS market expected to reach $5.67 billion

The UPS market for data centers is on a high due to increased UPS installations

According to Hexa Reports, the intolerance of customers towards disconnections in data transmissions and data loss have increased UPS (uninterrupted power supply) installations in data centers. The increasing demand is said to expand the UPS market and it is expected to reach $5.67 billion by 2020.

Increased demand from ERP systems, CRM systems, cloud storage, file servers and data warehouses is expected to drive data center UPS’ market growth. Growing power costs along with an increase in eco-friendly initiatives has given rise to the incorporation of green and energy efficient technologies into product development.

Smart UPS systems capable of self-diagnosis and communication have gained popularity as they are said to reduce troubleshooting time. Portable UPS systems have become popular, mainly in SMBs.

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