August 2, 2018

Zendesk announces integration with WhatsApp for customer interactions

The partnership focuses on engaging with customers directly so as to help them track purchases, shipping orders and flight timings via WhatsApp.

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Software company Zendesk will be integrating WhatsApp messenger services to enrich customer service experiences. With this integration, Zendesk’s enterprise customers will be able to utilise WhatsApp’s business solution to track purchases, shipping changes and orders as well as flight timings through a single integrated messaging platform.

According to Zendesk, businesses need a simple integrated platform to manage all their interactions happening across different channels such as chat, phone, email and messaging apps. They also claim that businesses want to manage interactions with their customers, similar to how customers communicate with their friends and family.

By extending customer experience capabilities to WhatsApp, Zendesk believe that they will be reaching more than 1.5 billion customers to provide faster and more proactive support. They say that customers will have the option to receive updates regarding flight timings, purchase and shipping orders.

Speaking about this, Mikkel Svane, CEO and founder at Zendesk, commented:

Customers want to communicate with businesses as easily and seamlessly as they do with their friends and family. WhatsApp has quickly become the messaging app of choice, particularly in Asia Pacific and Latin America. With this new integration, we’re helping businesses stay connected with their customers globally.

In closing, the software company added that they will be executing expansion plans for the integration very soon.