November 7, 2016

Verified TLD Consortium launches website to promote vTLDs

The Consortium’s website was launched to enhance public knowledge about the unique value of vTLDs

The Verified Top Level Domains (vTLD) Consortium is an association of Registry operators that have established standards to determine eligibility for domain name registrants. The association has launched a website to enhance public knowledge about the value of vTLDs as legitimate and trusted channels for products, services, and communications online.

The Consortium defines a vTLD as a Registry that requires credential verification prior to domain use, adherence to standards, and ongoing verification.

Unlike generic TLDs (eg. .COM, .NET), which can be obtained by paying a nominal fee, vTLD Consortium Registry operators grant domain names only to applicants that undergo a verification process to establish that the applicant is a legitimate entity that is relevant to the specific vTLD.

The Consortium was founded in May 2016 by eight members that are Registry operators for 15 vTLDs for industries ranging from health care to financial services. Dominion Domains (.AUTOS, .BOATS, .HOMES, .MOTORCYCLES, .YACHTS), NAREIT (.REIT), Public Interest Registry (.NGO, .ONG), and Second Generation Ltd. (.REALTOR) include the remaining founding Consortium members.

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