October 27, 2016

Uniregistry releases 3.6 million reserved nTLDs

The Registry announced that most of the domain names are available at standard registration prices

This week, domain name Registry, Uniregistry announced the release of over 3.6 million previously reserved domain names to its Registrar channel. The move indicates that anyone can now register the released domain names with an accredited Registrars.

The released domain names include those which the Registry had withheld and many of which it planned to sell directly to consumers.

Out of 3.6 million, over 3 million are reported to be in .CLICK and .LINK extensions. The registry appears to have originally reserved over a million numeric domains each, in .LINK and .CLICK extensions. These include 942970.link, 000046.click, etc.

Uniregistry states that 1.2 million domain names will have premiums and the rest are priced at standard prices. Uniregistry set up a page where you can search for the newly released domains or download a complete list of released domains.

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