March 28, 2019

Tech Data, Barracuda join hands to deliver IT security solutions in India

The partnership seeks to provide email protection, network, data and application security solutions to enterprises.

Tech Data announced that they have signed a strategic alliance with Barracuda Networks to provide email protection and data security solutions to enterprises in India. As per the terms of the deal, Barracuda will leverage Tech Data’s technical, logistical and marketing support to expand across the Indian market.

According to Tech Data, Indian IT enterprises are walking hand in hand with global cloud-native firms when it comes to adopting new technology. They say that these enterprises are undergoing digital transformation rapidly in a bid to accelerate their workloads and decrease the time-to-market of applications.

Tech Data say that this development has made securing the cloud environment imperative, given the increasing number of cyber attacks. They believe that these attacks need to be curbed at the network level so that all the important enterprise information is secured and stored.

In order to protect this data in the cloud, Tech Data have selected Barracuda Networks to provide email protection as well as network, data and application security to enterprises in India. They believe that with this partnership, enterprises will benefit from an end-to-end cloud security solution that can help them secure cloud environments completely.

Sundaresan Kanappan, VP and Country General Manager, India, at Tech Data states that in spite of a 77% cloud adoption rate in India, most enteprises do not have solutions that can secure these environments completely. He believes that with this alliance, Tech Data will provide Barracuda with the required support and help them scale in the Indian market effectively.

Market analysts opine that the partnership will entice cloud-native organizations that are struggling with data and application level security. With this partnership, one can hardly wait to see what Barracuda does in the Indian market, following their partnership with Awingu to simplify cloud for hybrid-natives.