July 28, 2017

STULZ working on new cooling solutions for data centers

The company has recently been experimenting with DCIM cooling software and modular data centers.

Data center and critical infrastructure cooling specialists STULZ is exploring new ways to enhance its portfolio of data center cooling solutions, with the company working on data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and pre-fabricated modular designs (PFM) as part of joint ventures. In addition to these efforts, the company has also been investing in direct liquid cooling (DLC) technology with CoolIT Systems.

Analysts claim that STULZ is likely to face some challenges in its new cooling endeavors, with factors like a slowly declining enterprise data center sector, a move toward chiller free cooling and next-generation data centers that rely less on physical redundancy expected to effect demand.

The new cooling technologies have been incorporated in some of STULZ’s recent product launches, such as its liquid-cooled, micro-modular data center designs. Apart from this, STULZ also manufactures and distributes a range of critical cooling equipment that caters to several technological fields. Current cooling solutions offered by STULZ include conventional chillers, perimeter cooling units, computer room air conditioners and air handlers, rack and row-based equipment, indirect and direct economizers and DLC systems.

In 2016, STULZ reported a revenue of USD 490 million from sales of cooling equipment to a number of critical infrastructure verticals, thereby enabling it to make a number of minor acquisitions, investments and technical developments in its quest to position itself not only as a reliable supplier, but also an innovator.

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