June 11, 2018

ServerPronto acquires BareMetalCloud’s hosting SBU

The acquisition aims to extend ServerPronto’s product portfolio by expanding their footprint globally.

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Dedicated servers provider ServerPronto have acquired BareMetalCloud’s hosting SBU in a bid to expand their product portfolio. With this acquisition, ServerPronto aim to extend their global footprint thereby allowing BareMetalCloud to access the former’s disaster recovery, managed hosting and DDoS protection products.

ServerPronto claim that web hosting as a service has been in high demand ever since organizations realized the importance of maintaining an online presence. They say that these organizations are now ensuring that this online presence is consolidated with data recovery, disaster recovery and security services.

By acquiring BareMetalCloud’s hosting SBU, ServerPronto say that they will be able to provide a cradle-to-grave approach to customers when it comes to hosting services. They aim to allow BareMetalCloud’s customers the ability to leverage ServerPronto’s backup and security services.

Speaking about the acquisition, Chris Kurzweg, CEO of ServerPronto, commented:

With the addition of BareMetalCloud, we further our mission of providing the best-dedicated server and cloud hosting service for our clients from around the world.

There are a now a lot of large public cloud service providers, but there is a trend towards businesses looking to move their infrastructure to providers who offer highly managed and personalized services.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not announced by either company.