April 18, 2018

Palo Alto Networks to acquire cyber security provider Secdo

The acquisition seeks to expand Palo Alto’s security offerings by adding EDR (endpoint detection and response) capabilities.

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A month after acquiring Evident.io, IT security company Palo Alto Networks (PAN) are all set to acquire Secdo in an undisclosed deal. With this acquisition, Palo Alto Networks will bring EDR (endpoint detection and response) capabilities to their suite of products along with data collection and visualization prowess.

According to PAN, organizations are looking for threat mitigation solutions to secure business-critical data. By integrating Secdo’s EDR prowess to ‘Palo Alto Network Traps’ an advanced application framework, PAN believe that they will be able to detect and stop cyber threats effectively.

PAN say that Secdo’s sophisticated techniques of data collection and visualization will help them stand out in the market. They also added that by adding experts from Secdo’s team to their unit, there are growth opportunities for PAN’s team as well as businesses.

Speaking about the acquisition, Mark McLaughlin, Chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, commented:

We believe security operations teams need the most advanced and consistent approach to endpoint security. With Secdo’s EDR capabilities as part of our platform, we will accelerate our ability to detect and prevent successful cyberattacks across the cloud, endpoint, and network.

Equally excited about the acquisition deal, Shai Morag, Co-founder and CEO of Secdo said:

We are delighted to join the Palo Alto Networks team. We founded Secdo to dramatically increase visibility for security operations teams to reduce the time it takes to detect and respond to an alert.

The combined capabilities of Secdo and Palo Alto Networks will provide customers the capabilities they need to swiftly and accurately detect and respond to cyberattacks.