January 19, 2017

Megaport to partner with Seaborn Networks for subsea cable

Seaborn says that this alliance brings elastic subsea connectivity to South America

This week, Megaport, the provider of Elastic Interconnection services, announced its plans to enter into a global platform & licensing agreement with Seaborn Networks, the developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable system Seabras-1.

As a result of this strategic alliance, Seaborn says that it will have an innovative software platform that allows customers to order elastic services through an online portal, thus bringing elastic subsea connectivity to South America. Through this partnership, Seaborn will also have exclusive rights to deploy Megaport-enabled broadband on demand solutions inside of South America and for international connectivity, to and from South America.

Denver Maddux, Megaport CEO, said:

A strategic alliance such as this with Seaborn Networks, enables us to leverage our unique SDN to provide cloud connections between North and South American enterprises in a flexible, cloud agnostic manner.

As Megaport continues to expand our global reach and diversification of services, partners like Seaborn will be a key focus in creating a truly neutral, global platform.

The companies say that the alliance contributes to the development of Seaborn’s own portal and provisioning platform in line with the existing services that Megaport currently offers. Seaborn says that this will enable its customers to access any of Megaport’s enabled data centers and to avail continued management and support from Megaport.

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