December 6, 2017

HAProxy launches HAProxy Enterprise for AWS marketplace

The new product seeks to optimize the performance of business applications and provide gateway solutions to route multiple user requests.

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Open source load enablers HAProxy technologies have announced HAProxy Enterprise Edition, a commercial version of their load balancers and application delivery controllers on AWS marketplace. HAProxy believe that the ‘Enterprise’ edition clubbed with seamless deployment from AWS marketplace will allow enterprises to scale applications on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

According to HAProxy, the Enterprise Edition will optimize the availability and performance of their business applications. They also added that they intend to offer a simple per hour or per year subscription model in order to maximize customer service levels by keeping minimum costs.

Laying emphasis on the advantage of the Enterprise Edition, Dujko Radovnikovic, CEO of HAProxy Technologies said:

Many Amazon EC2 customers are already utilizing both HAProxy Community Edition and HAProxy Enterprise Edition to power application delivery. Now those users can get all the capabilities of HaProxy Enterprise Edition with full HAProxy Technologies support at a simple and cost-effective price point.

With this launch, HAProxy believe that they will be able to propel a unique service gateway solution for routing the requests of multiple users to distributed applications and storage infrastructure. This service, they say, will be available as a part of AWS’ hybrid solution where data will be hosted on both cloud and on-premise.