August 20, 2018

Google to deploy Artificial Intelligence for data center cooling

The move aims to focus on energy saving across multiple data centers by leveraging their own AI technology through the DeepMind system.

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Tech giant Google have deployed their AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, DeepMind system to control the cooling at various data center hubs across the U.S. With this move, Google seeks to focus on reducing energy consumption at data centers in a bid to save op-ex costs for enterprise customers.

According to Google, data center services can strain enterprises with respect to costs given the energy consumed to store massive workloads. They believe that by saving the power used for cooling data centers, a huge amount of monthly operational expenditure can be reduced.

By deploying DeepMind system, the AI technology created by themselves, Google claim that they will be able to save a vast amount of energy in the midst of a high demand for cloud computing. They say that this can be achieved by making the most out of neural networks that are integrated into the infrastructure at data centers to decide the quality of confidence.

Google explained that for every potential action, their AI system is required to calculate the quality of confidence to determine whether it is a good action or bad action for data storage. They further added that if the action is good, it gets executed whereas the bad ones get eliminated only to optimize energy and hence the costs at the data center.

Speaking about this, Dan Fuenffinger, Data Center Operator at Google, commented:

We wanted to achieve energy savings with less operator overhead. Automating the system enabled us to implement more granular actions at greater frequency while making fewer mistakes.