November 2, 2018

FireMon unveils hybrid cloud security solution with visibility capabilities

With this launch, FireMon aims to further consolidate their hybrid cloud security portfolio in a bid to expand their global market share.

hybrid cloud security

FireMon have announced the latest versions of their hybrid cloud security platforms FireMon Security Manager and Lumeta Spectre, with the addition of visibility and orchestration capabilities. With this launch, FireMon seeks to fortify their hybrid cloud security portfolio in order to expand FireMon’s global footprint.

According to FireMon, the migration of enterprise application workloads to public cloud environments has rapidly changed the way hybrid enterprises do their business. They claim that the lack of visibility in automation, growing complexity of monitoring security controls and the need to maintain compliance issues for on-premise and multi-cloud environments make it difficult for security professionals to respond to business security issues in time.

By unveiling the newer versions of Security Manager and Lumeta Spectre, FireMon claim that they will allow enterprises to gain complete transparency in cloud environments. They say that in addition to this, the orchestration capabilities added to Security Manager will enable deployers to build and run applications that can meet enterprise security requirements.

Satin H. Mirchandani, President and CEO at FireMon, commented:

Enterprises thrive on flexibility and scale. Our ability to deliver true ‘single pane of glass’ visibility and control to our customers is a strategic advantage that moves our customers significantly farther down the security maturity curve, across all assets, in all environments.

We are positioned to deliver unmatched visibility, automation and orchestration capabilities for securing the hybrid enterprise – which, thanks to today’s next-gen cloud and virtualized architectures, is the new reality.

Speaking about the benefit that will be provided by the platforms, FireMon say that:

  1. Lumeta Spectre’s transparency will enable customers to remediate hidden sources of risk in order to reduce their overall enterprise attack surface whereas,
  2. Security Manager’s orchestration capabilities will improve business agility and provide visibility to all network security devices to both cloud and standard firewalls.

In closing, the hybrid cloud security solutions provider said that the market is all set to experience an all-time boom, following big investors and players like Huawei and Kaspersky partnering to provide cutting-edge solutions.