December 21, 2016

Mitsubishi gives up dot-brand gTLD, .MTPC

The Japanese company told ICANN that it no longer wishes to operate one of its dot-brand gTLDs

This week, Japanese company Mitsubishi has filed a termination notice for its dot-brand gTLD, .MTPC. The extension .MTPC stands for Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation.

The dot-brand gTLD was delegated in February 2015 and Mitsubishi claims it was never put to use and Registry reports show only two names in the .MTPC space.

The .MTPC extension is also one of the gTLDs from the 2012 round to voluntarily self-terminate, or to allow ICANN to terminate it, after signing a Registry Agreement. ICANN also announced that all terminated gTLDs so far have been dot-brands.

Mitsubishi also owns another dot-brand, .MITSUBISHI which appeared earlier this year and has not been put to use.

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