July 31, 2018

Internap launches flagship data center in Phoenix, USA

The data center aims to serve large enterprises in the region by focusing on hybrid, co-location, cloud and disaster recovery services.

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Data center provider Internap (INAP) have launched their flagship data center in Phoenix, USA to support large enterprises with co-location, cloud and disaster recovery services. With this launch, INAP will be adding approximately 200,000 sq.feet of space as well as 10 MW of highly redundant critical power capacity to their current data center assets.

INAP claims that Phoenix at present is one of the most sought-after data center hubs in the world given the sophisticated infrastructure of the city, connectivity to some of the largest enterprises in the world and ample of space to establish data center facilities. These reasons, INAP claim, have upped the ante for data center and co-location players when it comes to differentiating their suite of products and services.

By launching their flagship data center in Phoenix, INAP say that they are stepping up the competition in the region by providing disaster recovery, co-location, hybrid as well as cloud-based data center services. They say that this combination will help them entice various kinds of large enterprises that are looking to consolidate their IT strategy.

Explaining this, Corey J. Needles, Sr. Vice President and General Manager at INAP U.S., commented:

We are extremely excited to establish a flagship presence fully controlled by INAP, including Bank of America as the anchor tenant. This expansion adds much needed capacity in the vibrant and highly strategic Phoenix/Chandler market.

This facility gives INAP a powerful competitive position within this market, requires no upfront cash investment, enabling us to light customers on day one to support growth, and is a great location that gives us options for potential consolidation of our currently 100% utilized Phoenix footprint.