November 27, 2017

Zenlayer launches cloud collaboration service Zenlink

The service seeks to enable companies looking to collaborate on cloud and ease government restrictions.

On-demand cloud service provider Zenlayer has launched Zenlink, a service that allows companies to connect between cloud deployments easily. Zenlink is claimed to specifically enable businesses to align their cloud goals and make cloud collaborations possible.

Zenlayer say that governments around the world meticulously examine the information that is stored and disseminated by them. The flow of information regulated by them, for security reasons, may act as a hindrance for companies trying to expand in certain locations. Zenlink, they say, will overcome this barrier with the use of a dedicated connection by reducing latency and increasing security within data centers.

Prior to the launch of Zenlink, companies would wait for weeks to provision their cloud infrastructure. This ordeal was an expensive one and would incur heavy maintenance fees. With Zenlink, companies can instantly connect their clouds with the pay-as- you- use model.

The launch, they say, will not only ease the pain of companies that are looking forward to expand their business horizons but also act as a layer of trust.

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