January 3, 2017

.XYZ Registry to hold short domains auction

The Registry announced that the auction will begin on 4th January 2017

The .XYZ Registry has announced an auction for 350 rare short domains starting 4th January 2017. It will hold the auction in partnership with Chengdu West, China.

The company states that the domains up for auction include 55.xyz, 222.xyz, GDP.xyz, and DGG.xyz. It has also been reported that this is the first time many of these domains have ever been made available for registration.

The Registry also announced that the auction is the first .XYZ auction in China since the gTLD was approved by the Chinese Government to have its domains hosted within the country. All domains in the auction will be sold at “no reserves” and the Registry says that they will be renewed at standard prices.

The first auctions will close on 4th January and the final bidding will end on 13 January 2017.

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