August 8, 2017

Wipro introduces big data solution to Microsoft’s cloud platform

The Data Discovery solution aims to simplify the data handling requirements of Microsoft Azure customers.

Indian IT services provider Wipro today announced the introduction of its big data analytics solution, Data Discovery, to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. According to Wipro, its big data solution will help Azure enterprise customers with the collection, storage and analysis of the huge amounts of data generated by reports, sensors, cameras and social media, among others.

Wipro says that its Data Discovery solution has been designed for industrial sectors such as retail, energy, manufacturing, education, banking and financial services. The solution leverages Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite which includes HDInsight, Stream Analytics, Data Lake Analytics, Machine Learning and Power B to build analytical applications and will be available on a pay-per-insight pricing model.

A statement released by Wipro after the deployment of the Data Discovery solution reads as follows:

Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform will enable businesses to embark on an analytics journey with value added services of process simplification and business transformation to bridge the gap between the insights required by business and the information that is available. Currently, fourteen Wipro Data Discovery Platform applications have been showcased on Microsoft’s Advanced Analytics Partner Solution Showcase.

Acknowledging the strong working relationship between the two companies, VP and Global Head of Analytics at Wipro, Pallab Deb, declared:

Together, Microsoft and Wipro have built an industry sector-specific apps ecosystem on the Data Discovery Platform. Today, the platform is a significant enabler of Analytics led Digital Transformation delivering Analytics-as-a-Service to organizations.

Likewise, VP of Cloud AI Platforms at Microsoft, Joseph Sirosh, anticipates another productive collaboration between the companies:

Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform is a leading example of leveraging the data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities of Microsoft Azure cloud to build novel domain-specific business applications across industry verticals.

The partnership between Wipro and Microsoft goes back decades, with Wipro recently investing in new solutions for customers of the Azure cloud platform.

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