July 28, 2016

Toronto to home RootBSD’s new data center

RootBSD expands into its first data center outside the US with the opening of its Toronto location

RootBSD to have its first Canadian data center located in Toronto. The company’s customers will therefore be able to deploy cloud servers from the new location.

The new data center has been made available to RootBSD customers and is said to be directly connected to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX), located in a carrier-neutral hotel in Toronto. In addition, because the data center falls under Canadian law, it is said to be able to afford data protection which is not available in the US.

Mark Price, CEO of RootBSD said :

RootBSD’s customers have been asking for a Canadian data center — for some of them it was because of privacy concerns — and we are happy to deliver.

We are very excited about our recent expansion in North America and that it’s our first in Canada. Toronto is a hub of commerce and high tech development in Canada and our customers are itching to deploy here.

Mark added that RootBSD is continuing its expansion to enhance the services rendered to its customers, no matter what variety of BSD they prefer, irrespective of their location.

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