January 11, 2018

TierPoint completes USD 13M data center expansion

The expansion flags off first-phase plans in a bid to provide ultra-low latency solutions to clients.

Cloud, co-location and managed IT solutions provider TierPoint has completed the expansion of its 13,500 sq.feet New York data center for USD 13 million. With this expansion, TierPoint aims to solve latency issues for customers.

TierPoint say that this new data center will be equipped with state-of-the-art resources like independent power distributors, chilled water configurators, and N+1 backup generators to support up to 350watts per sq.feet of floor space. They also added that with this expansion, the premises now includes more than 65,000 sq.feet of total raised data center space with 70,000 sq.feet of customizable suite space which is accessible to Connecticut, New York and New Jersey clients.

Delighted with the rollout of their first data center of the year, John Vernazza, Regional Vice President at TierPoint said:

Our location, combined with the fact that we offer connectivity with ultra-low latency – a half-millisecond to Manhattan’s financial district – continues to fuel our growth and expansion.

TierPoint’s first expansion at the beginning of this year is reminiscent of their Nashville data center acquisition in January last year. Industry watchers claim that TierPoint has been on a massive data scale expansion since 2016 in the U.S market. It will be interesting to watch what TierPoint has in store for the second phase of expansion.

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