February 8, 2018

Symantec partners with Microsoft for Azure security

The alliance seeks to increase hybrid cloud adoption for both public and private cloud by overcoming security and latency barriers.

Tech giants Microsoft have partnered with security mogul Symantec to add a security layer to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. With this alliance, Microsoft plan to improve the rate of hybrid cloud adoption in the business and enterprise segment leveraging Symantec’s security expertise.

Microsoft say that with Symantec’s expertise, they plan to entice cloud-native business and government markets through Azure’s data protection and security features. They also claim that by adding a layer of security to Azure’s current architecture, the adoption of the product in these segments will see an all-time high.

According to Symantec, traditional IT infrastructure added security and latency issues for mobile as well as website users while availing Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365. They further explained that by introducing an additional layer of security into the cloud, users will be able to bypass this barrier with ease.

Speaking about the alliance, Sheila Jordan, Senior Vice President and CIO (Chief Intelligence Officer) at Symantec revealed:

Symantec and Microsoft continue to share a commitment to online security. Through our efforts, we are bringing world class security solutions to Azure to help customers realize the speed, flexibility and capacity of cloud computing while staying protected against today’s evolving threats.

Echoing Jordan’s thoughts, Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, said:

The collaboration between Microsoft and Symantec brings together advanced network security and intelligent cloud infrastructure. Symantec’s full suite of security and compliance controls complement our broad set of Azure security solutions to provide customers with an ideal, trusted cloud platform.

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