December 19, 2017

Swisscom build ‘Enterprise Service Cloud’ leveraging VMware’s infrastructure

The announcement comes months after Swisscom and VMware decided to partner in a bid to reduce the time-to-market for new services.

Telecom facilitators Swisscom have unveiled ‘Enterprise Service Cloud’ for their customers by using American cloud provider VMware’s cloud infrastructure. With this offering, Swisscom feels that they will be able to stand out in the market by providing secure and high performing hybrid cloud solutions to their enterprise customers.

Swisscom say that their enterprise customers need cloud solutions to simplify complex IT as well as SAP landscapes. They realized the number of resources required to maintain cloud management was increasing with time. This, they say, made them seek VMware’s help to build the cloud service platform for enterprises.

Swisscom admits that by partnering with VMware they will considerably reduce time-to-market for new services. Discussing their new services, Marcel Walker, Head of Network and Cloud at Swisscom said:

Our partnership with VMware and the launch of the Enterprise Service Cloud enables us to offer a multi-cloud approach to our customers, enabling Swisscom to remain the trusted strategic cloud advisor to help our customers navigate the digital world. We now have a cloud offering from which Swisscom can introduce new services, for banking or health industries, for instance, helping to meet compliance guidelines.

Industry watchers say that Swisscom’s expansion of their cloud portfolio with this announcement is a move in line with the current trend of enterprises adopting multi-cloud environments. Let us hope that we witness similar events in the year to come.

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