July 25, 2017

SiteLock completes acquisition of web security startup Patchman

Patchman’s security solutions will help Sitelock expand its global threat-detection footprint.

American website security specialist SiteLock earlier today announced that it has finalized the acquisition of Dutch security software startup Patchman for an undisclosed amount. According to official company literature, the deal will act as a springboard for SiteLock to be able to build on its global presence by expanding its existing threat database, as well as extending its solutions to the hosting provider community.

Established in 2014, Patchman’s forte has been developing software that proactively detects and patches vulnerabilities for hosting providers. Additionally, the company also works on securing websites at a server level, patching the vulnerabilities found in popular content management tools like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

With the conclusion of the takeover, President of SiteLock, Neill Feather, anticipates a bright future for his company:

The vision of Patchman aligns with SiteLock very well. We’re excited to join forces and execute on our shared goal of securing every website on the internet. This acquisition will double the number of websites we protect, allowing us to increase our knowledge base, better identify malware patterns and more effectively mitigate threats. In addition, we can now provide more options for hosting providers around the world to work with us, and ensure high quality solutions are available to their end customers.

Likewise, the founder of Patchman, Wouter de Vries, was equally enthusiastic with his words:

The Patchman team is thrilled to join forces with SiteLock, as combining our unique technologies presents many new and exciting opportunities. We look forward to accelerating our already impressive growth and continuing to deliver top notch web security solutions worldwide.

With the addition of Patchman, SiteLock claim it will now have more than 500 global partners being offered the company’s expanded options for hosting providers, including educational resources and high-end security solutions.

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