August 31, 2016

Scality partners with Internet infrastructure provider OVH

The deal will offer enterprises with efficient and scalable hosted cloud storage

Cloud storage provider, Scality has announced a partnership with hosting and internet infrastructure provider, OVH in order to provide enterprises with a solution to tackle large scale storage needs.

With this partnership, Scality software will run on OVH servers which they claim is ideal for Hosted Private Cloud environments.

Erwan Ménard, President of Scality said :

At Scality we leverage OVH for our own Private Cloud Infrastructure.

Utilizing OVHs technology for our own business needs is a strong testament to the confidence we have in the excellence of OVH infrastructure and teams, and is a major foundation of our newly formed partnership.

We look forward to having enterprise-grade companies take advantage of the benefits of this joint offer for Hosted Private Clouds.

Hosted Private Clouds are said to be the growing choice for enterprises to combine the effectiveness of public cloud, and the control and privacy of private clouds. As OVH and Scality come together, their combined storage solution is expected to provide the optimal level of reliability and performance to large enterprises.

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