February 1, 2017

Radware acquires cyber security firm Seculert

The companies have come together to provide enhanced data center security and prevention measures to customers

This week, Radware, a cyber security solutions provider announced that it has acquired Seculert, a SaaS cloud-based provider of enterprise network breach protection.

Radware says that the acquisition enhances its attack mitigation system with access to heightened machine learning technology and big data analytics tools that allow the company to conduct advanced threat analysis.

David Aviv, Chief Technology Officer, Radware said:

The Seculert acquisition allows Radware to leverage machine learning technology and its data analytics platform in order to expand our core expertise beyond attack analysis to threat analysis, which provides a panoramic view of the data center’s posture.

These capabilities expand Radware’s attack mitigation from real-time and near-time to include detection of stealth attack campaigns.

Radware also added that the Seculert acquisition will further augment its solution portfolio through the addition of advanced threat analytics based on behavioral analysis and machine learning using large scale processing.

Nissim Pariente, General Manager, Seculert said:

We are excited about the opportunity to extend the reach and scope of our technology by joining Radware.

We believe that integrating Seculert technology into Radware’s product offerings will provide enhanced data center security and prevention measures.

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