December 28, 2016

Pakistan opens data center in Lahore

The data center will be used to store land ownership records

Earlier this month, the Punjab government of Pakistan opened a new Tier III state data center in Lahore. The government says that the facility will be used to store land ownership records.

The facility is known as the Rural Land Computerization System and Punjab Land Record Authority and was inaugrated by Punjab Chief Minister, Shehbaz Shari at Arfa Karim Software Technology Park. The project is said to have cost about eight hundred million Pakistani rupees ($7.6 million).

Sharif said:

Matters of ownership deed and mutation of land have become free of corruption and family disputes regarding land have been eliminated.

He also added that the Land Record Management Information System has been brought to all administrative areas of the province. The rural land records of about 55 million people will be saved in the data center.

According to the Head of the Punjab Information Technology Board, Umar Saif, the new data center has over 2000 processing cores, 3 Terabyte Memory & over 400 Terabytes of storage capacity. The new facility shows the country’s progress towards rapid digitization and bodes well for IT service providers in the country.

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