December 7, 2017

Oracle goes server-less with open-source Fn

The project seeks to provide developers with a platform that prevents cloud lock-in.

American tech giants Oracle have announced that they will be open-sourcing the Fn project, built on Kubernetes, to help designers build the next generation of container native applications. With this open source Fn project, Oracle says that they aim to make a mark in the server-less computing arena.

Oracle claims that their open source Fn project will enable developers to perform tasks with automatic allocation of resources. As the name suggests, Fn is nothing but a code-heavy string of small blocks of code that requires Docker containers which can run in the cloud as well as on-premises.

They also added that since it is possible to scale these resources, developers will pay for them as per usage.

Oracle says that their decision to go server-less was made after understanding that certain cloud providers lead developers into a lock-in situation which takes them away from industry practices.

Explaining the decision, Mark Cavage, Vice President of Software Development at Oracle said:

The Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform, along with the new tools introduced today, is built on top of Kubernetes and provide an open source based, community-driven, and thus, cloud-neutral, integrated container native technology stack that prevents cloud lock-in while enabling the flexibility of true hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Oracle say that initially, by going server-less, developers will be restricted to write in Java for now. They also added that they plan to release the Go, Ruby, Python, PHP and Node.js versions soon.

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