January 18, 2017

.NYC to auction fashion related domain names

The auction will be held in February through SnapNames

This week, the .NYC Registry, operated by the city of New York, announced that they will auction 24 premium fashion-related domain names.

The auction for the domain names will run from 1st February to 28th February, 2017 and will coincide with the most famous fashion week events in the world. The Registry said that only individuals and businesses within the 28 boroughs of New York City are eligible to register and bid for .NYC domain names.

The Registry announced that the auction will be held through SnapNames and is being held to promote domain names as a means of helping New York City businesses stand out from the crowd.

The Registry highlighted certain premium domain names like Fashion.nyc, Shop.nyc and Makeup.nyc that will be auctioned during this period.

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