September 26, 2016

Microsoft announces partnership with Adobe

They claim that this partnership will help them embrace digital transformation and enhance customer relationships

Earlier today, Microsoft announced through its blog, plans for strategic partnership with Adobe in order to help enterprise companies embrace digital transformation. They also promised to deliver personalized experiences through every phase of their customer relationships.

They claimed that the two companies will enable businesses to strengthen their brands through solutions with Microsoft Azure, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said :

Business leaders in every industry are focused on how to better engage their digital customers, wherever they are.

Together, Adobe and Microsoft are bringing the most advanced marketing capabilities on the most powerful and intelligent cloud to help companies digitally transform and engage customers in new ways.

According to Microsoft’s blog, Adobe will make Microsoft Azure its preferred cloud platform for the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud. In return, Azure will provide Adobe with a data platform for intelligent services, including comprehensive machine learning and cognitive capabilities in Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite and SQL Server.

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe said :

Customers today expect a well-designed, personalized and consistent experience every time they engage with a brand.

Adobe and Microsoft will bring together the cloud horsepower and end-to-end capabilities brands need to design and deliver great digital experiences.

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