December 13, 2017

Microsoft announce Azure Regions in France

The new Azure Regions seek to provide Microsoft’s customers with improved workload testing and cloud deployment services.

Microsoft has announced a preview of their ‘Azure Regions’ in France. With these regions, Microsoft’s customers around the world will be able to deploy services and test workloads in France and offer Azure Availability Zones with a 99.99% virtual machines uptime SLA on general availability.

Azure Availability Zones are fault isolating zones within an Azure region. These zones allow Azure customers to run important cloud apps without data center failures. With this preview, customers will be able to deploy IaaS resources across the Availability Zones in France.

Explaining Microsoft’s expansion plans with Azure, Tom Keane – Head of Global Infrastructure commented:

The new Azure Regions in France are part of our global portfolio of 42 regions announced, which offer the scale needed to bring applications closer to users and customers around the world.

The new regions will offer the same enterprise-grade reliability and performance as our globally available services combined with data residency to support the digital transformation of businesses and organizations in France.

By setting up the Azure Region in France, Microsoft has left competitors like Google and Amazon behind with the total number of cloud regions globally.

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