March 18, 2016

Irish Businesses To Be Allowed To Register Domain Names with Fadas

The inclusion of the fada will allow Irish businesses to convey their authenticity in the global community online.

Businesses will be able to register .ie domain names that include Irish fadas later this year, IE Domain Registry (IEDR) said.

IEDR, which manages Ireland’s .ie domain, said it has begun a 30-day consultation process to allow businesses with fadas, used to denote long vowels in Irish, in their name to include them when registering their website. This means that for the first time á , é, í, ó and ú will be applicable to Irish domain names. Interested parties have until March 21 to voice their opinions.
Details of when domains will be available and how businesses can register will be made available when the public consultation process concludes.
“Our language is a key part of our identity and something which distinguishes us from every other country,”  said David Curtin , IEDR chief executive.

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