September 23, 2016

Infinera introduces Cloud Xpress 2

The company announced the second generation of their product, enhancing data center interconnect

This week, Infinera, a provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, introduced the second generation of its Cloud Xpress product range.

The company pioneered a new segment called compact Data Center Interconnect (DCI) last year which they named Cloud Xpress. These are similar to their original products although focused on smaller distances ranging from 80 to 100 kilometers.

The company claims that the second generation of the Cloud Xpress family raises the bar for compact DCI. By incorporating the Infinite Capacity Engine into Cloud Xpress 2, Infinera extends its optical leadership in DCI increasing density by 4.8 times while building on the Cloud Xpress Family’s advantages.

These Cloud Xpress devices are focused on applications for connecting data centers or campuses across town, which within the industry is known as ‘Metro’ connectivity. The company says that the cost of these devices is significantly lower than the longer distance solutions, plus the form factor is significantly smaller, ideal for installation in roadside cabinets or branch data centers.

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