December 11, 2017

IBM, Megaport partner to provide enterprises with cloud technology

The alliance attempts to accelerate cloud adoption within enterprises by enabling them with on-premise, public and private cloud.

American tech giants IBM have partnered with Australian network provider Megaport in a bid to provide enterprises with direct connectivity to their cloud technology. With IBM Cloud’s Direct Link, Megaport will be able to offer high-speed and dedicated network connections to enterprises and enable them to build their own hybrid environments that connect on-premises infrastructure, private cloud, and public cloud.

Megaport say that their connectivity model bypasses public internet and provides enterprises that are migrating to the cloud with network stability to improve performance. In addition to this, Megaport customers will be able to access IBM Cloud’s native services like AI, analytics, block-chain, and IoT.

Reflecting on the expertise IBM provides, Vincent English, CEO, Megaport said:

IBM Cloud has a long and rich history within the enterprise space. Clients who want to build next-generation applications now have direct, scalable access to cloud infrastructure that is tuned for AI and big data.

IBM says that the alliance will allow them to penetrate under-served regions and extend their global footprint. Further explaining this point, Kit Linton, Vice President of Network, IBM Cloud said:

Megaport is enabling direct connectivity to IBM Cloud Direct Link to provide a reliable way for global enterprises to expand their reach, drive innovation and embrace a cloud strategy that seamlessly connects public and private infrastructure.

The alliance reminds us of the quid-quo-pro trend that large and small organizations are riding on this year. All eyes are on the cloud industry to witness the next major alliance.

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