December 18, 2017

Government of Congo cancels .CD registry contract

The cancellation came as a result of mismanagement and irregularities of the registry.

Société Congolaise des Postes et Télécommunications (SCPT) has announced the cancellation of the current license to run & operate the .CD registry as a result of management irregularities. They explained that CONIC, Webnet Africa, and Mikuba will no longer manage the .CD registry and also intimated the domain holders to ignore any messages coming from these bodies.

SCPT also said that they will be taking control of all servers and are close to finishing the configurations for the new web interface of .CD customers very soon. They added that they will send login credentials to customers very soon and none of the domain names will be suspended even if they reach their expiry dates.

The news has come as a surprise, even to regular industry watchers, who  stated that this cancellation probably means that investors within the .CD namespace will be stuck with their portfolios for a while. There is also bow speculation about the possibility whether the registry can be operated by another management till the time things get back to normal.

The size of the of .CD namespace is estimated at being around 5000 registered domains.

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