August 18, 2016

Google unveils all cloud database services

The cloud database storage solutions by Google are out of beta and made generally available for users

This week, Google announced that all it’s database storage products are out of beta and are now available to people for use. They also announced the release of their new performance and security support for Google Compute Engine.

As per the announcement, the following products have been made available :

  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Bigtable
  • Cloud Datastore

In the Google Cloud Platform Blog, Dominic Preuss, lead product manager for Storage and Databases at Google highlighted the products as follows :

  • Cloud SQL second generation is the company’s fully-managed database service, offering easy-to-use MySQL instances with additional  enterprise features.
  • Cloud Bigtable is Google’s fully-managed NoSQL wide-column database service with Apache HBase client compatibility.
  • Cloud Datastore is Google’s fully-managed NoSQL document database which serves 15 trillion requests a month and its v1 API for applications outside of Google App Engine.

In the blog post, Preuss said :

Today marks a major milestone in our tremendous momentum and commitment to making Google Cloud Platform the best public cloud for your enterprise database workloads. We look forward to the journey ahead and helping enterprises of all sizes be successful with Cloud Platform.

The latest move is seen as Google stepping up its efforts to compete with AWS and Microsoft Azure for a share of the lucrative public cloud space.

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