December 6, 2017

Google & Cisco join forces for hybrid cloud solutions

Their new offering will provide development and deployment tools to help enterprises scale faster in a hybrid environment.

Tech giants Google and Cisco have agreed to collaborate on delivering hybrid cloud solutions that will help customers make the most of their cloud investments and on-premise environments. Both companies plan to provide these hybrid cloud solutions for speed, scale, and enterprise-driven security.

With these new offerings, Google and Cisco say that enterprises will be able to run and monitor workloads and plan their own cloud migration without vendor lock-in. This will enable customers to develop their own applications in the cloud or on-premises using the same developer tools.

In order to bring this vision to fruition, Google has offered some of its popular cloud products like Apigee, Istio and Kubernetes to Cisco customers who still use on-premise servers for some of their computing. By infusing products like Kubernetes in their system, Cisco will be able to accelerate their on-premise applications using Kubernetes based container strategy.

Explaining why they partnered with Google, David Goeckeler, executive vice president of networking and security business at Cisco said:

There’s a reason [customers] want to embrace the cloud, but actually doing that is difficult. So this idea the world would just move to the cloud, it’s just not reality.

From a business point of view, Google says that this move gives them access to a large sea of the corporate customer base for Kubernetes and the tools that it offers for working with containers. Whereas Cisco said that they will benefit by retaining their customers as more customers flock to hybrid solutions.

According to sources, the offering is slated for early 2018 release with Google and Cisco both planning to sell it together in the second half of the year.

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