January 12, 2018

Egenera launches Xterity Partnership Program targeting SMBs

The partnership program aims to capitalize rising adoption of cloud infrastructure in the small and medium business sector.

IaaS cloud services company Egenera has launched a partnership program for their resellers to leverage growing demand for cloud services in the SMB market. The program, called Xterity Partnership Program (XPP), will provide a full range of public, private and hybrid cloud services including disaster and backup recovery for its resellers.

Egenera say that XPP will focus only on the SMB sector where the demand for cloud services has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. They further added that they will continue to maintain their model of selling products to resellers in bulk at lucrative rates. Explaining this in detail, Pete Manca, President and CEO of Egenera commented:

Our partners are in the business of serving their clients, not selling technology products. Because of this, we designed XPP to be simple and straightforward, with tools that make it easy for partners to add Xterity Cloud Services to their portfolio and offer them to their clients.

According to Egenera, leveraging their current network of over 250 partners is important to provide enterprise-class cloud solutions to the SMB market. Echoing this thought, one of their partners, John Nelson, Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Compliance and Security Officer (CCSO) at ScerIS, said:

The Xterity Partner Program will improve the way we onboard our sales and technical staff and will make them more productive faster, allowing us to improve our reach to current and future clients as our business grows.

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